Wednesday, 2 September 2015

A Sudden Prompting

I was reading an article today about how a nurse was staunchly pro-life;was so devastated and she and the other OB techs in the class were given the assignment of assisting with saline abortion.

She went on sharing about how it broke her heart,every time the doctor handed her a basin with a small, perfectly formed human baby lying dead and bloody inside it. I won't say more...

It's just that, after reading this article, my heart was broken too. I cried for all the babies who are taken too soon. It was then that I felt a prompting to sketch. I have never really felt such strong prompting but... this was amazing.

I would like to share with you what I sketched. Also, please continuously pray for the unborn and stillborns.

Have a blessed day.

Monday, 8 September 2014


I am a great fan of dragons. I loveee DRAGONS!

When my daughter told me that my favourite author Julie Kagawa was coming up with a new book on dragons...I could not contain my excitement :)! What more, Julie Kagawa will be holding a contest! Wheee...

2 very lucky winners will get a copy of her latest book TALON and a handmade clay dragon in the likeness of their entry.

Well, here's mine. I call her PeaDragon. Why you may ask? :)

If you noticed, her wings are in the likeness of a Peacock. I wanted to doodle the whole dragon but then decided, it looked prettier as it is.

So if you are a fan of Julie Kagawa's, and more so if you are a great fan of dragons....please do drop by here. And take up those pens and pencils and scribble along... <3

Have an awesome day!

Saturday, 30 March 2013

A Take on Salvador from Malaysia Mali...

As you can imagine, I am no Professional artist. Far from it but I just love participating on these fun challenges from groups which I follow.

This months challenge theme is: If I was a Famous Artist... I would have Painted.......

I did a wide search on some of my favourite painters. There's Picasso, Van Gogh, Mochealangelo, Warhol, Degas... so many but I thought I'll give a try on Salvador Dali.

I have always been fascinated by his TIME / CLOCK paintings. Somehow, in some ways, I can relate to them.

Anyhow, just to show you, here's what I did.

Here's the ORIGINAL Salvador Dali. :)

If you are interested to join in on the fun.. here's the place to go: MIXED MEDIA ART JOURNAL.

So, drop soon! Have a blessed weekend! *hugs*

PS: Just in case you want to know more on Famous Artist, you can find them here.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

April Is Autism Awareness Month

For the first time, I am participating in a postcard swap through the since April is Autism Awareness Month, I thought it would be an awesome opportunity for me to do my part in bringing awareness and also, making new friends! :)

So, here's what I did.

Have a blessed day! *hugs*

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Joy Journal Project # 9

Our homework this month (though it's past overdue) is to recall a moment of appreciation that has happened since the beginning of the year.

Now, I must admit... it was quite a toughie for me. So much have happened since the beginning of the year and to focus on one was quite a task for me. But somehow, I guess the Lord works in mysterious ways.

This special lady's name kept appearing in my mind.

The next hard part is having to draw it. This special lady have done so much for me and my family, I could not draw them out. Lol. So, I have decided that, I would doodle her name.

So here's what I did. It took me this long to complete it :( There were so much going on and I am glad to slowly get back into the grind of crafting and journaling again!

So, I am off to focus on my 3rd part. Another toughie one! Lol. But I love challenges! *hugs*

Have a blessed day!