Saturday, 30 March 2013

A Take on Salvador from Malaysia Mali...

As you can imagine, I am no Professional artist. Far from it but I just love participating on these fun challenges from groups which I follow.

This months challenge theme is: If I was a Famous Artist... I would have Painted.......

I did a wide search on some of my favourite painters. There's Picasso, Van Gogh, Mochealangelo, Warhol, Degas... so many but I thought I'll give a try on Salvador Dali.

I have always been fascinated by his TIME / CLOCK paintings. Somehow, in some ways, I can relate to them.

Anyhow, just to show you, here's what I did.

Here's the ORIGINAL Salvador Dali. :)

If you are interested to join in on the fun.. here's the place to go: MIXED MEDIA ART JOURNAL.

So, drop soon! Have a blessed weekend! *hugs*

PS: Just in case you want to know more on Famous Artist, you can find them here.

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