Monday, 8 September 2014


I am a great fan of dragons. I loveee DRAGONS!

When my daughter told me that my favourite author Julie Kagawa was coming up with a new book on dragons...I could not contain my excitement :)! What more, Julie Kagawa will be holding a contest! Wheee...

2 very lucky winners will get a copy of her latest book TALON and a handmade clay dragon in the likeness of their entry.

Well, here's mine. I call her PeaDragon. Why you may ask? :)

If you noticed, her wings are in the likeness of a Peacock. I wanted to doodle the whole dragon but then decided, it looked prettier as it is.

So if you are a fan of Julie Kagawa's, and more so if you are a great fan of dragons....please do drop by here. And take up those pens and pencils and scribble along... <3

Have an awesome day!