Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Creative Everyday Challenge 2013

This  year have so far, started with a great bang! of new opportunities, explorations and fun!
I am still in the exploration stage of discovering my inner talent. but nevertheless... I am enjoying every bit of it.

For a start, I am going to try and create something each (if possible) or even doodle an art, do loads of zentangles...you should try them.. they are so much fun!

You just might never know you inner talent which is probably waiting to be unlocked! :)

The theme for this month on Creative Everyday challenge is: DARK.

I find it quite hard to do something dark and I am a person who loveees COLOURS! But never the less.. I am going to try and do one tomorrow. But meanwhile...

Here's what I have been meddling with today...

I know,  a lot of practice is still needed. No worries, I will get there soon! *hugs*

Have an awesome day!

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