Saturday, 19 January 2013

Jar Of Hearts

While I was sitting in the car on the way for lunch with my DH (darling Hubby), he suddenly asked me the name of a singer. I was trying to remember, then I remembered her famous song "Jar Of Hearts" - Christina Perri

I started singing the song and pondered on it.

Just not long ago, my daughter came home from work one day and started crying. I was shocked at first. All kinds of stuffs started whirling in my mind. Then I calmly spoke to her....

She started saying how she's heart broken that this guys whom she's become pretty close friends with; was at first attracted to her. He did ask her to be his special gal and she sort of "declined it" as she just went through a heart break and she needed time to be herself again.

After a few months, she decided she was ready. She told the guy. Now it turns around, he's not sure if he was ready.

So, you can imagine her heart break once again. She felt rejected.

Anyways... I spoke to her and hugged her.

Now, coming back to this song.... sometimes I reflect back on my own life. The many heart breaks I have gone through myself....

So, I quickly search for the verse Love is Patient, Love is kind.... 1 Corinthians 13:4.

One thing thats for real is...when love done in accordance to God's will, is never wrong.

As the verse itself speaks...its never envious, nor proud.

So here's my art which I drew out of inspiration from the song and replaced it instead with 1 Corinthians 13:4.

Hope you enjoyed your visit here. Have a Blessed week ahead! *hugs*

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